(It's wine, by the way)

Do you wanna know the deep stuff first
or my favorite drink?

One thing I have always done is look at my own photos of my family and friends over and over. I love to reminisce with them. They bring me right back to my best memories with my best people.

As I’m creating them for other people, on one of the most important days of their lives, I can imagine my couple looking back and smiling. So even though I’m documenting your legacy, I’m also leaving mine. 

I love to eat healthy, but I do think a
box of mac and cheese is exactly
one serving.

I’ll let you decide if that’s charming or not.

I'm a walking paradox.

I dream of moving to an island and opening an ice cream shop, but goddammit I love my friends and family enough to stay here in Jersey.

I’m really observant, but usually
talking while observing.

I believe that nothing is funnier than
smart, witty sarcasm, but who doesn’t
love a good dad joke now and then?

I love everything designer but most days I'm lounging in my Costco sweats (Kirkland brand for life!)

I love adventure—skydiving, river
rafting, roller coasters, but put any bug
anywhere near me and I’ll freak out.

I love the actual work of weddings—the being on my feet, the urgency of capturing important moments, and the thousands of interactions I need to have on a wedding day. But I also love the hours of sitting in front of my computer, all by myself. I love the art of choosing the right images and spending time on each and every one.

I bring my contradictory self to every wedding I
photograph. It helps me relate to so many different
couples. I have couples who are absolute
bookworms and need a little help coming out of their
shells. I have loud, crazy couples who put
themselves in sexy poses without me even asking.
I have sweet couples who act like I’m not even there.


“By the time Michelle showed up on our wedding day, the venue coordinator
thought we were old friends who had known each other for years, but that’s
just the kind of person Michelle is - she exudes confidence, is easy to get along
with, and puts everyone around her at ease - and it shows in her photos.”

client love

If that's the kind of photographer you want, then I'm who you want.