I photograph cuddles and snuggles and so much love. I photograph when your son hugs you so tight that he actually farts (true story!) and everyone bursts out laughing. I photograph your daughter wearing fairy wings and running through the grass giggling with her sister. I photograph your child being comforted by your touch. I photograph family.

If you’re looking for a traditional portrait session that focuses on props and a generic picture of your child sitting on a backdrop then maybe I’m not for you. But if you’re looking for images that capture the unique personality of your child, your family dynamic, and real expressions from pure joy to pensive to being scared of their birthday birthday cake, then I’m the one for you.

What's the One Thing People Say They'd Grab First in a Fire?
Granted when this question first was asked pictures were all on paper or film.

Now that it’s all digital – just run!

But the point is the same – pictures of our families are some of the things dearest to our hearts.


Whatever your family looks, let's photograph your unique dynamic and love 




Whenever that bump starts showing itself or whenever you're ready (usually around the 7 month point) we schedule a shoot!



Chubby cheeks and sleepy smiles

Within the first two weeks of your baby's arrival, I'll come over and photograph all the cuteness



No! They are all high resolution with no markings on them, ready for you to print.

Is there a waternmark/logo on my photos?

For newborn sessions I come to your home. It’s more comfortable for you and the baby and makes for a more personal experience.
For family sessions I recommend going to a pretty park – the light is nicer and the kids can run around and be themselves. If you’re not sure where to go I can help you figure it out!

Do you come to people’s homes or do you have a studio?

Yes! All final edited photos are yours to keep.

Does pricing include all the photos – I’d hate to have to only pick a few?


It’s up to you! Some parents have wanted the focus to solely be on their new baby and others want to be in pictures.

Do newborn sessions include parents?

Family sessions can be booked at any time – you can even book last minute for later in the week. If I have availability I’d be happy to photograph your family at any time.
Newborn sessions are booked around the due date. We can’t really set a concrete date since you don’t know 100% when the baby will arrive. That being said, since you’re home and flexibly with timing, it’s really easy to book.

How far in advance can we book our session?

I have blankets, some hats, headbands, and a few wraps that I bring. If you have anything special you’d like to use that’s cool too.
Since the sessions are in home and not in a studio I don’t go overboard with the baskets or signs. My sessions focus more on the baby than on the props.

Do you come with props/outfits for newborn sessions?

Newborn sessions vary in time – up to 2.5 hours. It really depends on the baby. Sometimes we have to take more breaks for diaper changes, feedings, cuddling and sometimes the baby sleeps right through 🙂
All other sessions last about an hour – this is usually the point where your kids are over it (you know that moment when you can see that they’re done? That’s when it’s over)

How long do sessions last?

Newborn sessions must be photographed within the first two weeks of the baby’s arrival.

When are newborns photographed?


Family/Maternity/One Year+
Mon-Thurs session – up to 4 people – $500
Fri-Sun session – up to 4 people – $600
Additional people – $50/per person
In NYC/Brooklyn - +$200

Newborn (from 0-11 months)
Newborn Only – $650
Newborn + sibling – $750

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