“Michelle was the first vendor I booked for our wedding after we selected the venue. I am now the 5th bride in our friend group to use her. We couldn't have imagined working with anyone else. She gets to know you as a couple and is able to capture that on film. Beyond happy!”

client love

It’s not just about us having a good time together—it’s
about you two feeling like you’ve known me long
enough to be comfortable. Your experience with me
starts right here, with you reading this. I’ll make it as
close to perfect as possible from here on out.

Those stats don’t lie (and neither do I). So believe me
when I say: at almost every wedding, someone in the
bridal party or family pulls me aside and asks if we can
be friends. It’s partly because I get to work with the best
people, but also partly because I’ve designed my entire
process to make it feel like you have a friend with you
on your wedding day, not just another vendor.

We date.

You email me, I email you, we end up talking on the phone and somehow we just know…this is right


Step One

We make it official.

Time for Paperwork! Not the most fun step but legal's gonna legal.


Step Two

We plan.

I'm here for all of it! Send me photos of your dress, your colors, anything you want! Let's talk about dogs on IG! Let's buddy up on Peloton! And of course, let's plan that timeline! If you have an engagement shoot, we plan (and photograph) that too. About a week before your wedding, we'll get ont he phone to talk out in detail everything we've roughly scoped out since you booked.


Step Three

We do the thang.

It's wedding time!!! You enjoy every moment of your day and I photograph all of it!


Step Four

We reminisce.

Within 4-6 weeks after your wedding, your gallery will be ready! The day it's ready I send you download links so those babies drop right into your computer. If you're getting an album about a week after your gallery is ready I'll be sending a first draft of your album for us to work on!


Step Five

No! They are all high resolution with no markings on them, ready for you to print.

Is there a waternmark/logo on my photos?

I have sooooo much - let me know who to contact and I'll send them the certificate of insurance they need.

My venue requires insurance - Do you have it?

Nope! Photo Only! I do have a list of great video people and other vendors that is shared with all my clients!

Do you do video?


Every photo I deliver is edited for exposure, color, and cropping. You can expect your photos to look just like the ones on my blog.

Are all of the photos edited?

There are only pros to doing an engagement session - you get more photos to frame, you start feeling more confident with posing, it's a great way to see how your hair/makeup will photograph, and you get to hang out with me :) But very importantly, if you are really nervous about being in front of the camera, then it's fantastic practice so that on your wedding day you're totally comfortable!

Should we do an engagement session?

Engagement sessions are delivered within two weeks/ weddings are delivered within six weeks.

When do we get our photos?

Of course! If there's something specific you want, just talk to me about it. That being said, I've done a lot of weddings and I know almost ever shot we'll need. The more time I spend checking things off of a list, the less time I spend with my face in the camera getting all the sweet moments. Remember, you picked me because you love how I do my photo thing!

Can we make photo requests?

Yes please - bring all the dogs - and then let's schedule extra time so that I can give them all the hugs!

Can we bring our dog?

Get in touch

Ready to do this?