(If you forget any of this, it's all good, just a few tips to help the day go smoother

Wedding Day Tips

- If you're getting ready at a hotel, text Michelle room numbers where you'll be getting ready 917 586 6895
- Have all the details ready (shoes, jewelry, invite, anything else special) - you don't need to have it pretty for photographing (I'll do that :) just in one place so I'm not searching once I get there.
- Rings should be with the person who is being photographed by Michelle
- Dress should be out of the bag - tissue taken out of it - on it's special hanger if there is one
- For suit wearers - feel free to have on pants/shirt but leave details like cufflinks/tie/jacket for when the 2nd photographer arrives 
- If you are opening a gift or card, wait for us! We need that on camera!
- Random detail - tell your florist to include two pins for the boutonnieres (when they do only one they tend to go all over the place!)

Getting Ready


- For the reception, have fun!
- Also for the reception - during the special dances - I know (!) that it's fun to sing the lyrics to each other. But try to take a few moments of non singing so I have a chance to photograph you without your mouth moving ;)


- For the ceremony, encourage your guests to put away cell phones! I can't tell you how many times my shot was blocked by a guest or ruined by a cell phone. If you want to go all the way, ask your officiant to tell guests that no phones are allowed during the ceremony. This is also a great way for the guests to be in the moment with you instead of getting a cell phone pic.

Please note: Not all of of these apply to everyone, but if you spot something that does relate to your day, read on!

Cocktail Hour

-Unless we've planned to do photos during cocktail hour, this is what I'll be up to:
     - Setting up lighting for your reception
     -Photographing your empty ballroom and all those special details around the venue
     - Taking a quick break and refueling for the party with snacks from cocktail hour ;)