Engagement Session Tips

February 7, 2018

  1. Where should we have our session?

We can go anywhere! I always recommend you pick something that is either special to you or reflects you guys as a couple. We can go to the college you met at, or on a hike you frequently take, or to the beach if that’s your favorite place.

You can always flip through engagement sessions on my portfolio to see if a place stands out to you!

         Nature vs City looks

  1. What time will our session be?

We’re going to start our shoot about 2 hours before sunset – this time will change depending on what time of year it is. Sunset light is the prettiest light of the day (so is sunrise but this girl just can’t get up that early lol) so this is definitely the time.

  1. What if it rains?!

There’s two options here! One is to throw on some rain boots and have a wet, rainy shoot! The other is simply to reschedule. This is totally ok with me. My theory is that we can’t pick the weather on your wedding day but we can certainly plan it for your engagement session.

  1. What should we wear?

For your engagement session I always encourage you to change outfits! This way you get two looks in one shoot. I find that what people wears affects the whole vibe – just think how different you feel in jeans and sneakers versus a dress and heels. Engagement sessions are a great time to dress up! I always encourage couples to do it up a little. Engagement sessions are also a great time to do your hair and makeup trial. This way you’ll see how it photographs ????

Make sure that whatever you pick – you feel comfortable! If you’re constantly pulling at a skirt or feeling self-conscious about a shirt, those feels will show. Try to also think of the environment we’re shooting in. A tight dress and pointy heels may not look right in a woodsy setting you know?

Dressy vs Casual Looks    

  1. Where will we change clothes?

Depends where we go – but it may just end up being your car or the nearest restroom.

  1. Should we bring props?

If there’s something you’d love to use, go for it! But do you have to? No way! I’ll take care of all your posing!

  1. Can our dog come?

Please yes! But I’d recommend also bringing a friend to hold onto your pup when we’re not using them in pictures. Or have someone pick them up after a bit.

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