Andres and Jack Wedding, Long Valley, New Jersey

August 26, 2022

There are weddings…and there are weddings that raise the bar! Andres and Jack’s was the latter (obviously or this would be an odd way to start a post lol) – from a Bing, their bulldog, as best man, to the main goal being a photo of all dogs in attendance (achieved), every single detail thought out, romance, and humor infused throughout the day, but really – the ceremony! Jack had written a surprise song for Andres – a chorus of 6 people stood up to sing, and after a minute, 20 more people stood up to join (this is where you get goosebumps), and at the very end, Jack took the mic and sang to Andres. See below for the most wonderfully emotional ceremony.

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  1. maria fuentes says:

    I’m choked up trying not to cry. The most amazing pictures. My most wonderful memory of my life. I’M SOOOOO PROUD OF MY SON AND MY WONDERFUL SON-IN-LAW. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!.

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